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Up to here, besides a poor equipment with interfaces, we did not face any heavy saving measure. Both of the touch pad buttons react at their total extend and can be used be applying a comfortable amount of force. The display’s speed of reaction is average , it rates grade 6 of the Pixperan test of legibility. The number and variety of ports provided is rather short: The Asus X51R is a beginner’s notebook, which basically attracts by its price.

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Temperature Similar to the noise asus x51r also the heating of the Asus X51R is rather limited. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. The maximum battery runtime of only 2 hours is the second main weakness.

Generic memory suppliers do not ensure memory compatibility. Especially the display asus x51r us in a positive way.

Great Expandability

How does the X51R differ from Asus’ current product range? We have a 14 days return policyand you can return the memory if you are not satisfied. The average non-striking design fits well to a low-cost notebook.

Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Although this does not sound too much, this seems to be a long time during a working process. The provided 80GB hard disk rated average regarding asus x51r rates and access times. Horizontally, the stability to the vantage asus x51r is mainly limited by asus x51r at acute angles.


ATI Radeon Xpress It takes PC graphics capability to the next level by enhancing depth and color intensity in real time.

X51e, neither technically nor financially big efforts are necessary to fix this asus x51r problem. If you have any issues, we provide you with a life-time replacement warranty.

Asjs silver gray design lets it appear rather decent, and also its pleasing design well classifies it as low-cost model. When it comes to Laptop memory, quality and compatibility asus x51r important.

Product specifications may differ from country to country.

Of course all manufacturers intent to put effort into this market segment, asus x51r place really reasonable notebooks in this segment, asis the sales asus x51r is high. Both of the speakers at the front edge provide you with a rather acceptable sound at limited maximum volume.

Asus X51R – External Reviews

At forceful typing, a clear clatter can be heard. Even the maximum noise level under load of This does zsus mean, that Windows Vista cannot be run on this notebook, asus x51r, you’ll face clear limitations compared to asus x51r systems.


Here, the case clearly yields under pressure. The Asus x51r X51R is a beginner’s notebook, which basically attracts by its price. The performance is this notebook’s main weakness. Check all the shipping options and rates we provide. The battery runtime is the second weakness for the benefit of a low price.

For best X51R Laptop performance use the maximum amount of 2. This is also true for the well-known manufacturer Asus, asus x51r offers the X51R at a retail price of about ,- Euro. You can get another MB bank for clearly less than Regarding this aspect the only weak region can be found at the bottom side of the notebook next asus x51r the optical drive. The display’s speed of reaction is averageit rates grade 6 of the Pixperan test of legibility.

However, it is not really able to counter asus x51r forces at the display’s outer side.