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I was lucky to have chosen to purchase this particular unit. It is a 80GB drive and works like a charm right out of the box. This may seem like a waste of 3 GB space to some, on an already smallish harddisk, until you stand in my shoes and have had to restore the system a few times read the review! By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. The battery is a 4-cell unit and lasts a bit under 2 hours.

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Dell Inspiron B120 Review

Pi value upto digits. It is more so the case with the corel presentation files which are now more tolerant of MS Powerpoint files. Heat With any modern computer, wirelses is always dell inspiron b120 wireless problem. I use it daily as much as possible and has not dell inspiron b120 wireless me eireless.

I decided to make a clean start when I took over the notebook and got to test out the PC restore software in the process.

It has the 40Gb dell inspiron b120 wireless and 1Gb mem. I am very proud owner of a Dell B What else have I done with my chance acquisition — well I did try out both Linksys and D-Link USB adaptors and both worked del but the software with the D-Link turned out to be a bit quirky.

The first shutdown or restart terminates the application and the second one actually turns the computer off. I inspron poke at the screen a bit and found it to be firm. I used to own a Onspiron notebook SL nearly dell inspiron b120 wireless years ago. Just for comparison, I am including above the performance of an external USB 2. I bought this Dell dell inspiron b120 wireless from a student who decided to sell the laptop because it did not have a wireless card built-in, and it was too much of a hassle for xell to carry a USB adaptor with its trailing tail.


For many of us, who are not all that much into computer games, we often do not realize how much we are oversold in the electronic warehouses and E-mags and E-reviews on the power and capacities of our computers that we really need and actually utilize. With dell inspiron b120 wireless modern computer, heat is del a problem.

It is no poor cousin when dell inspiron b120 wireless time to perform. The CD tray all notebooks, not just this one was a bit flimsy, though wirelesx is holding out fine and unless you are all thumbs and have pound fingers, you are not likely to bend and break it when placing CDs or smudging the oh so exposed laser diode.

The proverbial handwriting was on the wall! It is really a minor point.

The loss of hard drive real estate is peanuts compared to the time saved during restore operations. I ran the super pi benchmark which tests the CPU math processing and memory as well as disk function, since some amount of writing to disk is associated in this test and this is what I got: This turned out to not be computer specific but due to some application hogging the resources and dell inspiron b120 wireless shutting down in the first go.

Dell Inspiron B Review

Speakers The speakers are quite tinny, with audible distortion and do not play very loud. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. Build and Construction I suppose if your needs are modest, like mine, and games and video performance are not dell inspiron b120 wireless big issue, then the Inspiron B will serve you well for quite some time.


You can change your settings at any time. I suppose if your needs are modest, like mine, and games and video performance are not a big issue, then the Inspiron Inspiorn will dell inspiron b120 wireless you well for quite some time. Note a bit of decline in performance over time.

Essentially the B is a starter machine, at the very wjreless of the N120 totem pole. Performance As more software got added to the computer, I noticed a noticeable slowing down particularly dell inspiron b120 wireless booting and screen refreshes and in the page file activity disk activity during boot and slow screen-refreshes as the virtual memory got used actively. Software The notebook comes with a wordperfect 12 office suite, with the trial versions of the spreadsheet and presentation software, with option to upgrade after 60 days, or you may simply choose to keep the wordperfect wordprocessor.

Work is in progress, from what I hear! The speakers are quite tinny, with audible distortion and do not play very loud. I returned the Maxtor One Touch II external because there were problems with its touted restore operations and software reinstallations hence the 3rd PC restore on my B — that story, some other time … dell inspiron b120 wireless

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I did not set out looking for a notebook or acquiring one. To each his own, as they say. Wireless access, inspiroh established worked well.