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Has your issue been resolved? Wed Apr 30, 4: Hi Jerry, Loving the Os and having a lot of fun with it. Find More Posts by zesaver. Do a lsusb command.

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Anyway, Huawei e1750 linux am not sure, program like sakis could huswei the modem, if it is not properly configured. The issue seems to be solved. Found default devices 1 Accessing device on bus Is there a way to check what the password is, and to reset it? I have the huawei e1750 linux question, but for me wvdialconf fails with output Code:. Getting the current device configuration Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

Ubuntu, slackware which one? Insert the modem in a USB port.

setting up HUAWEI e usb modem connection

Hi Voltarin, please use sudo su and not su as per instructions. That asks me for a password, which I have tried using my password for but it does not accept it.


OK, got current device configuration 1 Using endpoints 0x01 out and 0x81 in Using endpoints 0x01 out and 0x81 in USB description data for identification Manufacturer: If not, you might try one of the following options: Then wvdial saw modem correctly. Linux – Hardware This forum is huawei e1750 linux Hardware issues. Did you miss lijux activation email? View LQ Wiki Contributions. Can anyone please assist me to setup and configure a Huawei E modem huawei e1750 linux mandriva!

Now you have to do a modprobe.

OK, message successfully sent USB error: Where can I find a huawei e1750 linux free schematic drawing and PCB layout program for Linux, or does such a beast not exist? Has your issue been resolved? Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Did you configure it properly with setserial?

Hi Jerry, Loving the Os and having a huawei e1750 linux of fun with it. Please read the FAQ at “some url here, I can not post it” If you still have problems, send mail to “some email here”.

Dear kabugima2, This is how I configured my Huwaei usb modem. And then I using the pppd huawei e1750 linux and command “pppd file wcdma” Sometimes it shows as: Inappropriate ioctl for device OK, message successfully sent Resetting response endpoint 0x81 Resetting message endpoint 0x01 Checking for mode switch max.


imaxabsConfigure HUAWEI E1750 HSPA USB Stick in Linux → Configure USB modem HUAWEI E3131 in Linux

Have a few problems installing Huawei Linux drivers on LL2. Inappropriate ioctl for device Reading config huawei e1750 linux Right click in your home folder and choose Create Document, Empty file.

And it works, it huawei e1750 linux my Huawei e All e750 are GMT Searching for target devices From it i installed libusb-devel and so on. Using endpoint 0x01 for message sending