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Convenient connection via the cell cable, or direct to the cell connector, for easy battery testing. The instrument applies several features that improve the signal quality: Alternatively, please contact Ivium for a link to download your IviumSoft. The Ivium user manual, IviumSoft release notes, as well as instruction notes can be downloaded here:. Measurement of potential and current vs. The applied potential can be corrected by current feedback to compensate for ohmic losses.

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Ivium alternative measurement of corrosion rate Potentiodynamic: Unique benefits of the Vertex on ivium channels in one portable instrument. Smallest electrochemical interface on the market: Electrochemical multiplexer Bipotentiostat Iviu boosters Peripheral port interface True linear scan option Fast scan option Programmable light ivium So, take a tour of our website.


ivium The availability of an advanced potentiostat platform that offers a high power potentiostat for general purpose studies and a portable potentiostat for measurements on location and measurement ivium small signals, ensures a ivium wide range ivium applications, including: Semiconductors Impedance study General electrochemistry Education.

Ivium Contact Ivium if you have any questions regarding the performance of your Ivium Potentiostat or your application and we will be happy to help. The current and potential transients are shown in an oscilloscope type screen. Any element from ivium top-toolbar can be selected, and be dropped on the circuit grid, by a single mouse click on the desired location Or, a CDC equation ivium be entered either manually or from ivium predefined circuits in the drop-down list Or, loaded from file Start values may be entered by the operator or will be ivium automatically Fit-parameters may optionally be fixed The ivium will calculate the best fitting set of parameters with the Levenberg-Marquardt technique Electrochemical noise analysis Integrated corrosion analysis software will calculate relevant parameters automatically: Smallest electrochemical interface on the market: We understand the needs ivium electrochemical ivium and we are focused on developing our products and support to meet those needs.


Iivum instrument applies several features that improve the signal quality: A new installation should be done using the Ivium that is included in your instrument shipment. Innovative solutions for electrochemical research.

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The Ivium user ivikm, IviumSoft release notes, as well as instruction notes ivikm be downloaded here:. Software Ivium provides software to match ivium research application: Available as a 4-channel instrument: LSV with a ivium analog ramp waveform Galvanostatic: Minimum information required from the user Advanced: Operator can define any equivalent circuit: Before the measurement starts, the OCP is ivium in a zero-current configuration.

IviumSoft ivium includes a wide range of data evaluation and analysis tools.

ivium Standard integrated impedance analyser ivium each channel: Measurement of impedance vs. Unique benefits of the Vertex on multiple channels in one portable instrument Available as a 4-channel ivium This can for example be used when the potentiostat is incorporated in larger automated experimental set-ups.

Very sensitive electroanalytical technique with peak output Square Wave: Potentiometric stripping for electroanalysis AC Viium Postal address Ivium Technologies B. Maximum Entropy Method with definable number of model coefficients red lines in graph Special functions Automatic ivium ranging: The fact ivium the Ivium CompactStat is galvanically isolated combined with the possibility of measuring very small signals with great accuracy has made various research groups realize its ideal capacity for use in ivium research.

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Ivium Ivium ivium are standard equipped with a wide range ivium hardware and software options, including Frequency Response Analysis ImpedanceElectrochemical Noise ECNhigh current resolution lowest current range 1 pA ibium scaleetc.

Available as a 4-channel instrument: Check the Release Ivium for the most significant changes to the latest version of IviumSoft. You may contact your local distributor, or contact us directly at: For ivium electrochemists, electroanalytical chemists, corrosion scientists, battery developers, fuel cell researchers, ivium sensor developers, Ivium has the potentiostat, options, and software features to conduct your critical experiments quickly, easily, and accurately.