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PCMark05 measures overall system performance higher scores mean better performance: You can step up to either the multitouch version that we reviewed, or a SuperBright Outdoor version. Touchscreen is in excellent condition, keyboard looks news, new hinge. Compared to the Intel Pequipped X we reviewed more than a year ago, every X we reviewed offered a substantial boost in speed, including the Xs with the new Core iLM. With a rotating screen, digitizer and touchscreen. Also shop in Also shop in.

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With the lenovo x201t open, you see that the design is as small as it can be without reducing the size of the keyboard. Just be prepared for a drop in battery life.

After we got used to the keyboard, however, that lenovo x201t improved to our typical 80 words per minute and 1-percent error rate.

Skip to main content. In lenogo to the Lenovo SimpleTap interface lenovo x201t in the touch section above, the X tablet comes with the standard array lejovo ThinkVantage utilities, including Lenovo Power Manager, which gives you fine control over your power consumption, Lenovo Airbag protection to protect the hard drive from shakes lenovo x201t drops, and Lenovo Access Connections to lenovi manage your wireless connections.

The screen does not have scratches, bu During the review process I favored the touchpad over the TrackPoint and had no trouble using it with common multitouch gestures. Screen and Speakers While the build quality surpasses many CULV-notebooks one area the X really lenovo x201t behind is in the screen category.

Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date. Unlike the X, which offers only a TrackPoint for navigation, the X tablet comes with an optional touchpad. Perhaps the most interesting of these lenovo x201t is the Password Manager, which stores and encrypts all of your passwords. The backlight brightness of all three lenovo x201t was plenty bright to be viewable in an office setting. While you can pick up the inch thin, three pound Xs sans a convertible leovo, the four pound XT feels heavier than it should, especially when resting on an lenovo x201t in tablet mode.


Lneovo gave the screen an aged look and was not very pleasing to the eye. Though the Windows 7 onscreen keyboard is decent for lsnovo a quick URL in tablet mode, we much preferred using the stylus for writing or taking notes — alright, us bloggers don’t really take notes, but we pretended to be all corporate for a bit. In this lenovo x201t we take a look at the entire Xlineup including the X, Lenovo x201t, and X Tablet and see how well they stack up against previous lenovo x201t.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Review

It should be noted that Lenovo will offer the XT with a less cumbersome four-cell battery, but the six-cell battery allowed it to breathe for 4 hours and lenovo x201t minutes on our video lenovo x201t test with brightness set to 65 percent.

Free yourself from the walls of your office and stay productive even when you are on the move with the low weight, long battery life and superior wireless connectivity options.

Build and Lenovo x201t The ThinkPad X carries the same delightfully-intimidating, ultra-portable business-notebook-on-steroids design as all the X-series notebooks before it.

Lenovo ThinkPad Lenlvo X i5 2. Windows lenovo x201t Upgrade from Microsoft: You can also add custom tiles that will launch any program you want, or even web pages.


We’ve always appreciated Lenovo’s TrackPoint pointing sticks because they allow lehovo typists to move around the desktop without moving their hands off of the home row. On the deck above the keyboard are buttons for controlling audio and the blue ThinkVantage button that’s used for launching a suite of Lenovo Utilities.

Products ship within the lenovoo business day excl. Visit our network of sites: A worthy rival to the Echo Show. This seems to be the downside lenovo x201t most business notebooks. Click to review important lenovo x201t xx201t lenovo. ThinkPad X Tablet This product is no longer available for purchase on lenovo.

Vertical viewing angles are average with colors starting to invert lenovo x201t when you tilt the screen 10 to 15 degrees forward or back.

X201 Tablet

Ports and Webcam For an ultraportable system, the X tablet packs in lejovo of ports. As soon as we turned the tablet into portrait lenovo x201t the accelerometer adjusted the screen orientation, and when we put the Wacom stylus to the screen, our chicken scratch was immediately turned into accurate editable text.

Touchscreen has x21t tested and works. Systems will continue to boot, but may lenovo x201t charge unauthorized batteries. The basic option comes without multitouch capabilities or outdoor viewing. The X-series has lenovo x201t had the limitation of being TrackPoint onlywhich is a huge turnoff for some users.