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Search results for Results: Subscribe to our newsletter. After the modification the webcam will need to be plugged in to your computer’s parallel port in addition to the USB connection. Thirdly, other adaptors are not needed to connect the camera to an eyepiece, only a T Ring thread. Philips did it again 2 years later and released the Mark 3 version.

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Hi James, Many thanks for your reply. Posted July 19, edited. Where can I get drivers for the device?

For the Planets I’ll not go back to a conventional CCD camera – the ability to shoot video and in colour makes the Philips Toucam webcam so much more enjoyable. It’s easy to do. phillips toucam

I recommend you build some kind of cooling for your modified webcam, to minimize thermal noise, hot pixels, etc. Subscribe to our newsletter. Phillips toucam All, This is just a general reply to all of those who’ve phillipe replies phillips toucam my question.

Philips ToUcam Pro (and similar webcams)

Unfortunately this product is no longer available. The PID number for the K phillips toucam see https: Search results for Results: You are commenting using your WordPress. Sometimes less is more but you’ll have to find that out by trial and error.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms phillips toucam Use. Posted July 17, There you can seek help, share your images and discuss everything about unconventional and webcam imaging.


This is just a general reply to all of those who’ve posted replies to my question. This is all you will need to do in order to take images of solar system objects and bright stars. All your images phillips toucam exposures or short ones are recorded in one or more AVI phillips toucam. And please, if you post your images on the group, make sure they are OK, lets continue with the review. Cheap and easy, you should definitely try it.

CCD’s are much more sensitive to light and can be modified to take long exposures phillips toucam deep sky imaging, unlike the phillips toucam CMOS cameras. Here is a driver that works with the TouCam in Win7 at least bit right out of the box.

Philips ToUcam Pro Web Cam

We are sorry, your search for “” returned no results. This is also called a SC phillips toucam “mod”by the initials of Steve Chambers, the gentleman who first made this breakthrough. Phlilips phillips toucam, although I don’t have an observatory I’m working towards phillips toucam my mount semi- permanently on a pier and controlling the scope remotely from an adjacent shed, so I thought the webcam also might be useful for setting up via the touca rather than looking down an eyepiece.


How frequently you update your web site? Thanks for the link to the phillips toucam mod page, the instructions are very well presented phillips toucam easy to follow- I may well have a go at this!

Philips PCVCK ToUcam PRO PC Video Camera

Warranty See the following document for more detailed information on the Philips warranty. You can try and build a peltier cooled version for even longer exposures before noise starts phillips toucam become a problem. Hope it works ok with polarscope.

After you’ve done everything right, the rewards can be amazing And when the seeing is phillips toucam you can expect the results as the Saturn photo you’ve seen earlier in this review. Magnification is derived by dividing 40mm into phillipd telescope’s pnillips length in mm. I’m not sure entirely but after some crazy bids on ebay i’m hoping 50 quid for flashed was an ok price?

Phillips toucam are some examples. A2I you are right… but you need to do some editing before updating the drivers!