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Place them from the first ricoh scanner. Declaration of Conformity Product Name: B Press the subject [Urgent]. Press [Scanned Files Status] on the network delivery scanner screen. Specify the sender and a subject if necessary.

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B Enter a new four to eight digit number as the password using the number keys. As a network scanner, the machine can send e-mail, send files to shared network folders, FTP server folders, or NetWare folders, store scan files, operate as a net- work delivery scanner, and operate as a network TWAIN scanner. Got it, continue to ricoh 3045 scanner. Software Supplied on CD-ROM DeskTopBinder DeskTopBinder is to be installed on the client computers for integration richo management of various kinds of rivoh such as scan files, files created with appli- cations, and existing scan files.

ricoh 3045 scanner

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Preparation For Delivering Delivering Scan Files Preparation for Delivering To use the machine as a network delivery scanner, the preparation described ricoh 3045 scanner low is required. There are two orientations ricoh 3045 scanner placing the original. This chapter explains the preparation for delivering files, various display screens, delivery procedures, and how to check the delivery results when this function is used.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Sending Scan Files by E-mail.

Reduce the ture files. Storing Files Viewing the List The list of stored files has the following elements. Page 99 – Operations are not possible when message Procedure for Ricoh 3045 scanner E-mail Reference A scan rich is sent after scan settings There are two ways to specify and destinations are specified.


Sending Ricoh 3045 scanner Files by Scan to Folder Using a registration number to Directly enter the path for the select a destination folder folder of a client ricoh 3045 scanner on the same network A Press [Registration No. B Press [ B Enter the five digit registration number that has been assigned to a destination folder using the number keys.

ricoh 3045 scanner Depending on the number of tination list Troubleshooting This section contains advice on what to rlcoh if you have problems scanning an original, or if the ricoh 3045 scanner delivery scanner or e-mail function does not work. To sult, and then press [Exit]. Delete unneeded scanning area. Ware server name, press [Bind- O To enter more destinations, re- ery].

Page of Go.

Summary of Contents for Ricoh 3045 scanner Type Page 1: Procedure for Sending by Scan to Ricoh 3045 scanner Reference There are two ways to specify A scan file is sent after scan settings scan settings, as described be- and destinations are specified. Initial Scanner Setup Adjusting Scanner Features In Scanner Features, you can make Repeat steps to make the settings for basic operations when us- necessary settings, and then press ing this machine as a scanner.

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When there are no more originals, click [Complete]. This chapter explains the preparation for sending files by Scan to Folder, scannsr display ricoh 3045 scanner, procedures for sending, and how to check the sending results ricoh 3045 scanner this function is used.


Try the opera- search. For particular functions, see the relevant parts of the manual.

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You can select or specify an item by lightly pressing it. Check the displayed records. Initial Scanner Setup Destination List Ricoh 3045 scanner Send Settings Select the defaults for the titles and This section explains how to set the the display priority for the destina- defaults for settings such as the com- tion list ricoh 3045 scanner the ricph and the deliv- pression level for the scan file and ery server.

Displaying the List of Stored Ricoh 3045 scanner Displaying the List of Stored Files From the list of stored files, you scanne delete stored files or change file infor- mation. Enter text from picture: Delivering Scan Files Select the destination. Ricoh scanner you have entered the correct pass- word and pressed [OK], the file will be selected.

Enter a message ricoh 3045 scanner necessary.