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And they are emulated less efficiently than the forced emulation of the ATI’s solution. There are linux sis drivers on the intel site: There are only two. There are tons of things related to the video hardware that could account for some of your problems – anti-aliasing, frame rates, shading – all kinds of things. The Second Encounter v. Interestingly that in the TCL software emulation the Radeon is ahead – probably its connection with the AGP and caching are organized better. Of course, it’s not the fault of the chips, but of the PCB’s layout.

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Most likely, the Xabre’s actual formula is 2×4.

For recovery, if the xsession fails after the changes or if all you get is a text-mode login prompt, log in as yourself and do the following: As mentioned in our private message exchange, you need to at a minimum add the following after the “Configured Video Device” statement: About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

At last they provided us with the VSync management. I don’t know how to work anything in the xabrre.

It was using a valid video driver, just not necessarily the one specific to your card, so some things would work. Memory works at this very clock speed, while the core operates 20 MHz which is standard for Xabre Probably, the frequency could be even more higher, but the 3D Wizard utility coming with the drivers limits it to MHz.


Good luck, please let us gev if you find something simple. But in new games which involve new technologies based on shaders EMBM and pixel and vertex shadersthe Xabre falls behind.

Sis Vga Xabre 200 a WHQL

In most cases it loses. There are linux sis drivers on the intel site: Still, is it worth buying such cards? If you set higher quality, the speed gain will be brought to zero. Here are their settings: VSync off in drivers, texture compression off in applications. Using vrefresh range of But today we will turn to SIS which deals in production of video chips for a long time already. xabrf

Soltek Xabre Video Card Review

In case of the software emulation the Radeon is far ahead. The situation is strange and inverted as well! The log seems to indicate it is enabling 3D acceleration and everything else.

Success of this product will entirely be determined by its price.

ECS AG SiS Xabre Videocard Review –

Also, for others who may get this same question, let’s try to keep everything here so somebody else can dev the complete stream. In this test the Radeon takes the lead in the optimized model, probably, at the expense of the better vertex caching; in the other cases the first position belongs to the Xabre. Game2 Low Details Well, the absolute defeat of the Xabre Xqbre layout is the same. It’s possible that the Xabre did have vertex shaders but they weren’t realized in the drivers.


SIS Ag200e4-d32 Xabre 200 GPU Chip 32mb DDR AGP ECS VGA Video Board Graphic Card

But for better promotion of the SIS Xabre it must have not just a comparable, but lower price. As for the tested samples, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo cable the cards showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies:.

It must be noted that the results rfv this test are unachievable for real applications where triangles are much greater, and textures and lighting are used. Unfortunately, the 3D Mark is not an open benchmark. It’s also good for piece of mind when considering about the future.

If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated again, run the following command: But till recently all solutions based on the SIS 3D chips had inferior quality.